Celebrity Nipple Slip - Mandy Moore

Time & Date: April 9, 2006 @ 3:16 am

I think Mandy Moore is gorgeous. I was waiting for her to finally turn 18, so I could drool over her and not feel guilty about it. Now that she’s got some womanly shape to her, and more importantly, tits, she’s just over the top, in my book. Of course, Mandy is posing with former Playboy Playmate and MTV gameshow hostess, Jenny McCarthy. A pseudo-celebrity well-know for exposing her boobs. Not necessarily in public, or anything, but who hasn’t seen Jenny McCarthy’s tits?

Ok, back to Mandy Moore and her own personal public exposure. I’m not sure where this photo is from, or what event, but it’s not a bad nipple slip at all. Lucky for us, she’s been persuing acting more, rather than singing, because we’re a lot more likely to see Mandy nude in the movies than we are in a music video. Plus, I don’t remember her music being anything new or spectacular, so she’s probably better off.

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48 Responses to “Celebrity Nipple Slip - Mandy Moore”

  1. Josh matney Said:

    I love this slip!! Mandy Moore has nice breasts and her nipples are soft looking. I bet her nipples would be a sweet mouthful. She is so sexy!!!


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