Drunk Coed Slips Her Nipple and Sucking Another

Time & Date: June 3, 2006 @ 6:33 pm

I love it when I’m at some wild party and a couple of the drunk hotties are so far gone that they’re already becoming lesbians, for all the male attention. I’ve had a few crazy bashes, where some of the girls actually go as far as having full blown sex with eachother! It’s beautiful! The only problem is, that you better make sure you have a woman around , because you’re going to be so horny after that, that you’ll have no other choice, but to bust a nut anyway you can. If you’re really lucky, maybe one of the drunk lesbos will be so horny that they just MUST have you right then and there! That’s wishful thinking, of course.

In this photo, it’s actually the nipple sucker, rather than the suckee, that’s slipping her nipple, as she’s bending down to suck on her girlfriend’s nipple/titty during some drunken revelry. If you notice in the background, that there’s a lot of booze bottlews, and what looks to be a group of drunk and horny frat dudes, cheering the girls on. A typical scene during some of the wildest parties you will ever see.

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