Downblouse Nipple Slip On Passed-Out Drunk Girl

Time & Date: October 23, 2005 @ 11:27 pm

I like the idea of a hot babe being passed-out, drunk in my presence. I would never actually do anything to her, but just the thought of it is hot. Then when you throw in some accidental nudity into the mix. Forget about it! I would have to cover the nudity up or I would be going out of my mind with temptation.

This shit-faced, drunk chick appears to have a pretty nice rack from this angle. It almost looks like the photographer of this photo might have even propped-up her blouse somehow to get a clear shot of her boob slip. Either way, this is a beautiful nipple/boob slip on a perfect unsuspecting victim. :P

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One Response to “Downblouse Nipple Slip On Passed-Out Drunk Girl”

  1. jim Said:

    If he undid one button to get this shot, why stop there? She must have an identical twin on the other side that was willing to be seen.

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