Wasted Club Girls Flash Their Boobies in Public

Time & Date: January 1, 2006 @ 2:25 pm

Happy New Year!

I know, drunk girls flashing their tits in public has become ‘a dime a dozen’. If you’ve ever surfed adult sites before, I’m sure you have seen a million photos. If you’ve been young in the past 10/15 years or so, I’m sure you’ve seen flashing boobies more than once, in real-life. There’s just something about girls flashing in a establishment, such as a bar or night club, that make flashing tits hotter. I mean, shit, if you ladies want to flash us your boobies, at least sex it up a bit and make it hot for us.

These two wasted club girls are definitely not shy about exposing their tits, in public, and in the night club. In my opinion, they both have a great set of lungs, and they should make them as viewable to all of us as much as possible. It’s kinda funny though, because it looks like these two are only getting attention from the ladies. None of the dudes in the photo are paying any attention. Is it a gay bar?

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One Response to “Wasted Club Girls Flash Their Boobies in Public”

  1. tom Said:

    shit! i wanna fuck these girls!!

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