Celebrity Nipple Slip - Traci Bingham

Time & Date: February 16, 2006 @ 6:05 pm

I never even heard of Traci Bingham until she showed up at some awards show wearing nothing but jewels glued to her body, as her top. As it turned out, the designer of her jewel-top is the daughter of a guy I did business with. It was then that I had to find out who Traci Bingham was. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did she look amazing in theat jewel-top, but she was a total hottie all the way around. A gorgeous body, with a rack to match.

Traci Bingham is probably known best for her role as “Jordan Tate”, one of the many buxom babes on the “Baywatch” TV series, as well as being a former Playboy Playmate. Since her stint on “Baywatch”, she seems to have stuck to television acting and doing a lot of reality TV shows, not to mention a little skin exposure now and then. I believe the guy in this photo, with Traci’s tounge down his throat, is either her finace or husband. Either way, she’s taken now, fellas.

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10 Responses to “Celebrity Nipple Slip - Traci Bingham”

  1. jazzy Said:

    did you notice?…..the guy in the pic is pulling down her top to deliberately expose her….

  2. Administrator Said:

    Huh. Interesting. It does kinda look like that…

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