Downblouse Shot on Drunk Girl’s Perky Boobs

Time & Date: February 20, 2006 @ 12:43 am

That blonde-bimbo look can be really hot sometimes. Personally, I couldn’t imagine myself have any kind of real relationship with a girl like that, but by all means, I’m still a man and I still love all the features a so-called ‘bimbo’ might have. The big blonde hair, big boobs, legs that would stop traffic, jacked-up cleavage, the tight ass, heavy make-up and a dainty fake laugh to top it all off. But this drunk chick has REAL boobs, which is al ways a plus in my book, and they’re real nice boobs to boot.

I’m not sure if this cute party girl could’ve planned a titty slip this good, and she has the perfect boobs for a downblouse shot of this calibur. Her blouse being completely loose and open might have something to do with it, but sometimes when you’re wasted you don’t think of those sort of things. And as guys, we’re relying on woman to be drunk, sloppy and forgetful just so we can exploit the situation. :mrgreen:

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