Forced Nip Slip on Drunk Club Girl

Time & Date: July 11, 2006 @ 10:10 pm

Day-yum! Another dude pulling down a girl’s blouse, exposing her nipple/titty in public. And, another drunk girl barely phased at all by her bare boob being exposed to all the club-goers. You can tell that that shot of booze in her hand is more important to her than her nipple/titty being forced out for some air. Sounds like my type of girl!

I love it when hot, loose chicks get this wasted. I just want to back them into a corner, rip open their top, hike her skirt up, around her waist, drop trau and go to town. Knowing how cute club girls are, I’m sure she wouldn’t try too hard to fight you off, either. I snuck a girl like this, into one of them photo booths at some club. She just sat me down, opend my zipper, pulled her panties to the side and slid her weight dow down on to my unit. Oh man, It was a beautiful thing! We almost got caught, too.

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2 Responses to “Forced Nip Slip on Drunk Club Girl”

  1. renzo Said:

    hey man, nice pictures, i don’t speak english, mandame pics please,
    see you

  2. Goat Said:

    I’ve got a good picture for you, send me an email and I’ll send it to you..

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