Celebrity Nipple Slip - Devon Aoki

Time & Date: October 11, 2006 @ 3:24 am

I never knew this chick’s name until I ran across this nip slip pic of her. Devon Aoki is her name and I believe she got her start as a runway/magazine model. It must be her exotic, pouty and innocent looks mixed with sex appeal. I didn’t notice Devon Aoki until I saw the movie, “Sin City” where she plays one of the bad ass hookers, towards the end of the film.

It turns out, Devon Aoki has been a several somewhat-known flicks out there, including “2 Fast 2 Furious” and the very stupid, “D.E.B.S.”. Not exactly Oscar material, but it seems she likes to play the sexy, mysterious, bad ass, superheroine chick. She’s petite, feminine and dainty yet she can easily take-out a group of muscle heads with only a few swift kicks, as they patiently wait their turn to attack her. Isn’t Hollywood great!?

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16 Responses to “Celebrity Nipple Slip - Devon Aoki”

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    Like you, I have seen her on many occasions and even have some of her pics on my drive but never new her name at all. I just knew she was a model-turned-actress.

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