Drunk Coed Flashes Her Boobs on the Bar

Time & Date: November 3, 2006 @ 4:20 pm

I love it when a girl, who ordinarily looks to be such a sweet and innocent cutie-pie, gets so drunk and wasted that she decides that it’s her duty to expose her own beautiful boobs to the world. I mean, it’s always a possibility that flashing her boobs is in her normal character, but I like to think it’s not. It makes it sexier when it’s not in her nature to reveal her nakedness in public.

Obviuously, this drunk coed cutie is no innocent virgin. It appears like she may have a boob job, and I definitely see a pierced nipple. Plus, the hot pink panties are usually a dead giveaway that she’s a bit on the wild side. I don’t know of too many church-going gals with boob jobs, pierced nipples and hot pink panties, underneath their sunday dress. Then again, that WOULD be hot if she were a church-going gal.

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