Drunk Coed Looses Her Top After Fall

Time & Date: July 19, 2007 @ 11:56 pm

Unless you’re unconscious, it’s pretty tough to fall on your back, unless, of course, you’re three sheets to the wind. Especially, if you’re laying among everyone else’s feet, like this drunk cutie is doing. As I’m sure you have already noticed, she’s also just about lost her top, letting her nipple/titty slip right out for all of us to see, too, which is very common among drunk and reckless coeds. If you have seen the rest of this site, I’m sure you would agree.

I think if I were there she wouldn’t be the only one opn the ground. I would be there right next to her, or in the horizontal position anywhere else she would like. I mean, she’s halfway to intercourse as it is. She’s on her back, close to being naked and since she’s already drunk, she won’t put up much of a fight.

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70 Responses to “Drunk Coed Looses Her Top After Fall”

  1. W Said:

    Time for some new pics. It’s been a while.

  2. d8less Said:

    yeah what happened? did the wife catch you on the computer?

  3. MANIAK Said:


  4. nitro Said:

    hi man i can’t holed it stiff any moor

  5. Big Boner Said:

    Time to go to work!

  6. let my people go Said:

    boycott the site

  7. Rodrigo Oliveira Said:

    Girls donĀ“t slip tits anymore? :)

  8. MCW Said:

    I’m betting he’s letting his domain registration run out (It expires 12-jul-2008 according to Whois). That sucks. I used to like this blog, but I guess he’s got better things to do. That’s what she said.

  9. leave it to beaver Said:

    I know- lets all form a line outside his house and pee on the lawn. That way he can get the message

  10. nitro Said:

    evry day the same blond how sad

  11. same dumb blonde Said:

    I am his girlfriend, that’s why!! I think I am cute

  12. Har Har Said:

    “I know- lets all form a line outside his house and pee on the lawn. That way he can get the message”.

    I agreed with you, and I just did. He caught me doing it though :( He came running outside, and turns out… he’s only 14 years old. Yep, his Mommy told him he couldn’t post to his blog anymore. She whooped him last time he tried to post a new nipslip.

  13. What Said:

    Hey, who said that?

  14. leave it to beaver Said:

    he is out of jail- yea!!!

  15. Prison warden Said:

    Oh no he escaped- call the dogs!

  16. The Whip Said:

    quit stringing us along with your false promises and produce some nip slippage evil tyrant

  17. -Ryco Said:

    To be honest, he’s only been frequenting Barbie doll parties. Nope - not going to see many slips there.

  18. dodge boy Said:

    _____________ this site Baselined …..oh my god over six weeks and no update…..He’s getting slower and slower, and lower quality!!

  19. Hasso Said:

    Since this site is free… what makes you think, you may complain?

    Anyway, I hope for some updates too. This is one of my favourite blogs.


  20. SuperDude Said:

    Yeah, stop HASSO-ling him! LOL!

  21. guns Said:

    I agree… can’t complain when its a free. This was a great site and its a bummer to see it sit dormant.

    What other sites are you working on? Any good ones?

  22. The Whip Said:

    Id be happy with one pic a day at this point. Hook it up admin dude!

  23. -Ryco Said:

    must…see….nipple…..slip…..now……GAH! :cough cough:

  24. The Whip Said:


  25. lucky bastard Said:

    they are good pics- you are back

  26. The Whip Said:

    Meh… I didn’t like it. too much downloading

  27. Administrator Said:

    FYI - All the comment posts from “Admin” were not from me, the REAL admin/webmaster. Just someone trying to be funny, who has since been banned from commenting.

    A warning to anyone who thinks they want to be funny by using my name, they will be blacklisted from the site completely.

  28. SuperDude Said:

    Good to see you back :)

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  70. terryn Said:

    Hi coed, love to be there to grab some ass as i helped her up and feel her titties as she leaned on me and than rub her clitty outside her jeans than when she perks up to reach inside the panties and get my finger wet from her cunnie juices and have her smell and taste her sex scents than do the same with her ass crack
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