Drunk Girl’s Boob Exposed and Grabbed in Public 4

Time & Date: January 5, 2006 @ 2:03 am

It’s great when girls get so drunk and start getting very horny. They don’t give a shit if you’re feeling them up or trying to cop a feel in public. If they’re already so far gone, sometimes you can even nail them right then and there. I remember I got caught once nailing a girl in the women’s bathroom of a club. I knew the bouncer so he was cool about it, and the chick was embarrassed, but not too embarrassed where she didn’t want to go back to my place and finish the job.

This group of drunkards had a nice day at the beach, getting drunk and having fun. By the end of the day I can see why this guy, or both dudes for that matter, would be just a wee bit horny. I mean, two attractive girls with very nice bodies, wearing bikinis; I would be going crazy. This guy has the right idea though, because he’s not only copping a feel, but pulling her whole titty out to give it a nice, little squeeze.

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