Drunk Coed Cools-Off Her Bare Breasts In Public 2

Time & Date: November 28, 2005 @ 12:04 am

You gotta love a girl who isn’t shy about exposing her great tits in public, only to cool-off by a big fan. No, she’s not lifting her shirt to flash a group of drunk, horny dudes. No, she’s not dancing on a bar, hogging all the attention. She’s simply hot from dancing and her pierced-nipple boobies need to be cooled off, dammit! When you have a nice pair of tits, they need to be pampered.

I’m sure she’s also a little drunk, and she’s probably a little trashy too. I mean, most girls don’t lift their shirts to cool-off their bare boobies, so I’m guessing this isn’t he first time she’s whipped out her tits in public. I think she should continue baring her breasts, though. In fact, she should lead the women’s movement into their right to bare their knockers in public. Ladies everywhere, unite!

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