Drunken Bar Room Nipple Flash 0

Time & Date: September 22, 2005 @ 12:07 am

These are the types of girls that are fun to party with. They’re hot, they like to drink hard, they like to party harder and they’re a little slutty. Now what man out there wouldn’t love to tear it up with a party girl like that? Exactly! Not many at all.

I used to party with this extremely hot model. She was tall, dark and had an amazing, hot body. She was also kinda slutty, but not trashy by any means. This chick could party harder than any guy I knew and if there was a party or a hoppin’ night club, she was there in the mix. After hour partying she would get personal and tell me about some of her sexcapades. Things like when she got double teamed, when she got nailed by a guy with a 12″ inch cock…things of that nature. Talk about hot! We never did ‘it’ or anything, but we messed around a whole lot.

My whole point was just the fact that drunk, slutty party girls are a whole lot of fun! ‘Nuff said. :D

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