Classy Club Girl Slips A Nipple In Public

Time & Date: September 24, 2005 @ 11:25 pm

This is one of my all time favorite nipple slip pictures! Number one, I just think she is just so smokin’ hot. I really like petite, tiny girls and this club hottie fits the bill perfectly. I’m not a huge fan of the fake boobs. They look like two grapefruit were surgically implanted where the saline bags were supposed to go. Since the rest of her is so hot though, I think I can come around where I can accept the big fake boobies. ;)

She sure is having a grand ol’ time though, isn’t she? She’s just dancing the night away like it’s nobody’s business, and giving us a little nipple show in the process. You would think with rock-solid boobs like hers they wouldn’t be bouncing out of her top, but maybe it’s the other way around and her top is bouncing off of those boobs. Either way, now that I’ve stared at this picture long enoguh, I’m going to go to bed with very sweet dreams.

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