Big Fake Boobs Busting Out Of Drunk Girl’s Top

Time & Date: September 26, 2005 @ 12:10 am

You would think a girl with big fake guns like hers would know to be more careful when wearing a skimpy top. Of course, if she’s completely shitfaced and dancing around a bar with random dudes, I can see a nice nipple slip like this happening.

I remember these types of girls at the suburban bars. They’re in their early 30s, rarely get out, let alone to a bar, and they’re complete amateurs when it comes to drinking. They’re the ones that are one of the few dancing to classic rock cover tunes being played by the same ole, tired house band. And the best part about them is they are super easy to pick-up. In my early-20s my buddies and I used to go out to the bars specifically to pick-up these women, and bring them to nail all night long.

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One Response to “Big Fake Boobs Busting Out Of Drunk Girl’s Top”

  1. Karen Said:

    Heck, I’m a girl and I’d be yanking that top down if I was behind her!

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