Downblouse Shot Of Peeing, Drunk Coed

Time & Date: October 4, 2005 @ 3:17 am

When you gotta, you gotta go. I’m not sure why this drunk coed finds the need to pee in the bath tub instead of a toilet or sink, but it appears she doesn’t care one bit. Especially, since there is obviously someone else in the can with her (taking the picture, of course).

I’m guessing by her hand gesture that she’s telling her friend, “Get the fuck out of here”, while she pees in the tub, to drain her bladder for the next round of beers. It seems when chicks get wasted all their morals got out the window. They’ll squat and pee in public, expose their tits or ass and even screw men they usually wouldn’t even talk to normally. But…what can I say? I love those kinds of women! ;)

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