Club Girl’s Great Boobs In A Tight Sheer Top

Time & Date: October 6, 2005 @ 2:04 am

The only thing I can think of that’s better than a great set of jugs, completely exposed, is a sexy & busty cutie wearing a tight, almost see-thru bikini top. I guess pasties would actually expose more boobage, but as I’m sure you have figured out by now…I really dig nipples.

Now, my eyes almost pop-out everytime I look at this picture, and I’m popping a boner right now.This sexy, little club girl has some amazing, all-natrual boobs going on, and seeing her in this top pretty much makes me want to rip-off the small amount of clothing she has on. I used to live with a stripper, turned go-go dancer and part of their job is to leave both men and women drooling. I’m just assuming this chick is a go-go dancer, but if I’m right…she’s doing her job well. I might have even given her a tip if I ran across her in a club. The tip of my dick, that is.

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