Wasted Club Girl’s Blouse Slips Down In Public

Time & Date: October 10, 2005 @ 7:50 pm

The only thing that supersedes an accidental nipple slip (besides complete public nudity, of course) is a full-on titty slip!

Now, a girl that inadvertently let’s almost her whole blouse to fall down, exposing her big fake boobs, has got to be really shitfaced! Luckily, someone was there with a camera to capture this very rare and awesome event. One would think that she would notice her top sliding down, over her tits, but I guess the numbness from the alcohol has obviously prevented her from noticing. The best part of this boob slip is that it’s in a crowded night club and in public, for everyone who’s watching to get a nice little piece of eye candy. I say we keep feeding her more booze and see what else she’ll show us!

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One Response to “Wasted Club Girl’s Blouse Slips Down In Public”

  1. bob Said:

    if her friend moves you may see the other breast cuz look at it it has to be under her nipple already….

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