Drunk Party Girl’s Nipple Slips Unnoticed

Time & Date: October 11, 2005 @ 6:13 am

This cute, blonde party girl in the pink, has the perfect boobs for that top…and to create a nice nipple slip. Those nicely-shaped, natural boobs have a tendency to wiggle and jiggle themselves right out of a top like that. I know, because I used to date a girl who had tits like these (even bigger actually) and it used to happen to her all the time. Now, you through a couple of drunk, hard partying girls in the mix and it’s almost a given those puppies will be spilling out in no time. Apparently, it will go unnoticed as well, which just adds to the fun. :D

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45 Responses to “Drunk Party Girl’s Nipple Slips Unnoticed”

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  2. Norm Said:

    Don’t you just love it when she’s totally unaware she’s displaying her charms?

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