Celebrity Nipple Slip - Donna D’errico

Time & Date: October 11, 2005 @ 12:19 am

Remember Donna D’errico from ‘Baywatch’? She was the blonde one with big fake boobs that ran around on the beach. She is also a former Playboy Playmate in the late-90’s, and married to Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx.

I really haven’t heard much about her in quite some time, so I looked her up on the movie database to see what’s up. Well, she has been doing much besides looking pretty and letting her nipple slip in public. Well, as public as a Stuff Magazine event allows. I suppose she doesn’t have much to worry about as far as a career goes, being married to Nikki Sixx and all. She can slip a nip anytime though, just as long as it’s in front of the paparazzi so we can all enjoy it!

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