Drunk College Coeds Flashing Their Nipple Bling

Time & Date: October 13, 2005 @ 12:34 am

Ok, so maybe it isn’t ‘bling’ per se, but you can’t argue with the fact that their nipples look all shiney and pretty. Besides, nipple ‘bling’ sounded flashier than nipple ‘jewelry’. But who really gives a damn about the correct terminology when we got exposed nipples, right!?

It’s pretty easy to get a girl to start showing the goods when you get a few cocktails/beers into them. We all know booze loosens everyone up, but what is it in chicks that make them want to get naked or flash their tits in public? It’s rare to find a drunk dude getting naked (thank god for that), but women do it all the time. Plus, they’re starting to show more and more, too! It’s not only flashing titties, but now some ass & once in a while, their coochies. I’ve even seen some drunken public sex! At this rate, college girls will be getting gangbanged in the frat houses as an initiation ritual for sororities! Now, that would be a site to see!

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