Crazy Drunk College Girl’s Boob Slips At A Party

Time & Date: October 16, 2005 @ 4:50 am

Wow! There’s nothing like two drunk hotties licking eachother and one’s boob pops out of her top! It’s like a postcard photo, but from college. I can picture it now, just some snappy writing in the top corner, saying, “Greetings From College!” :D

I remember one party I had several years back. It went on for two days! When it started winding down, for obvious reasons I had a headache. This female model friend of mine had me lay my head on her lap, and she was rubbing my temples. Another girl, a stripper friend, for some reason started giving us all a show. She stripped down to her panties while in a drug-induced stupor, smiling the whole time. I was in heaven. The only other thing that night needed was to have another girl cleaning my tool while all this was going on.

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