Wasted Party Girl Gets Her Nipples Sucked In Public

Time & Date: October 18, 2005 @ 4:50 am

Everyone knows that drunk girls are an easy target. I just don’t understand why they are even easier when it comes to a woman. I mean, is it socially acceptable to be a slut with a woman, but not a man? I know if a dude, even a close friend, were to try and lick my nipples, he would find himself sucking on my fist. instead.

The eye-candy is beautiful, but I most definitely would want to get me a piece, after seeing that. Especially when they’re just flaunting it in public, with no descretion whatsoever. Women are great, aren’t they!? Most of the time anyway…

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One Response to “Wasted Party Girl Gets Her Nipples Sucked In Public”

  1. Karen Said:

    Pussy licking follows!

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