Celebrity Nipple Slip - Paris and Nicky Hilton

Time & Date: October 26, 2005 @ 7:27 am

Personally, I’ve never been a big Paris fan, nor a fan of the Hilton Sisters in general. I think Paris is kinda ugly, to be honest. She’s just sexy as hell and that makes up for her looks. Though, I did see her sex tape and she has a great pair of titties and has the ability to ’suck the chrome off a trailer-hitch’. Her sister, Nicky, I have always thought to be much cuter and less of a slut.

I guess showing-off your tits runs in the family, though, because we have Nicky almost more revealing than Paris in this one! I just read somewhere where they were asking, why does Paris even bother to wear a top anymore? In fact, I think she should just continue to make home sex tapes and then peddle them on the Net and DVDs. I believe Paris’ “One Night in Paris” is one of the top selling adult DVDs. Paris Hilton probably would actually have a better chance at a career with just shooting porn for the rest of her life…or until her looks fade.

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  1. slut fucker Said:

    Fucking sluts.

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