Drunk College Coeds Doing Tequilla Nipple Shots

Time & Date: October 27, 2005 @ 3:31 pm

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of involving female nipples when doing shots of tequilla. Actually, I can’t believe I’ve never even thought of it. I mean, I’ve snorted rails off girls’ tits and even their ass, but the idea of a nipple involved in a tequilla shot never crossed my mind.

Evidently, these college coeds know how to one-up me by taking their shots into their own hands and added some very nice, erect nipples into the mix. It’s even better knowing that this is at least two chicks. I always thought girls got into their nighties and had a pillow fight when they were alone together. I like this generation better. Where girls get drunk and sexual with eachother when men aren’t around. My fantasies have finally been proven as truth! :D

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One Response to “Drunk College Coeds Doing Tequilla Nipple Shots”

  1. Norm Said:

    Very nice nipples!

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