Drunk Girls Topless and Dancing at a Wild Party

Time & Date: November 1, 2005 @ 10:11 am

I’m always a fan of drunken, public nudity. When I say ‘public’ I don’t necessarily mean outdoors, but rather outside of the bedroom in front of more than a couple people. So, a couple of drunk coeds dancing around topless at a wild party, is considered ‘public nudity’ to me. And a couple of hotties like this is the type of public nudity I like to see! When it’s in intimate, close quarters, there’s something extra special about it. Especially, being in the comfort of your own home, or that of a friend’s and it’s a couple of girls you know well.

I know I have quite a few female ‘friends’ that I would love to see topless, or even completely naked! Screw that, I want to get them into the sack. ;)

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