Drunken Girls’ Night Out Nipple Slip

Time & Date: November 3, 2005 @ 12:00 am

Apparently, not all girls have the fortunate opportunity to accidentally expose their nipple in public. Some will have to settle for a nipple sip amoungest friends.

It’s funny how reserved women are when they’re around men. I’ve heard that women are even worse than men when they’re together. Of couse, I would never know for sure, but they get more foul-mouthed and dirty than any group of men hanging out together. I think they get a little sluttier too. have you ever seen a group of drunk girls out celebrating a bachelorette party? They’re totally dirty (the good ‘dirty’) and act slutty as hell! They’re always a good target if you’re out with your buddies, by the way.

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Drunk Girls Night Out

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  1. Gosia Said:

    wow, I’m a 32 yr young bi girl from Poland, living in Belgium. Interested in a pic trade?

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