Drunk Party Girl Flashes Bra and Slips Her Nipple

Time & Date: November 5, 2005 @ 4:03 am

That’s right! Raise the roof, baby! Just keep those arms up and those nipples out in public view! She’s at some college party, and it looks like she’s doing some kind of drunk-dancing on a table or something.

I love these types of girls at parties. The only problem is that there’s always about 10 other dudes that also notice how shit-faced she is. Then they’re all swarming around her, cock-blocking your game, so they can be the ones to nail her that night. I got to be the lucky one, one night, with some fuckered bimbo. It was great. She just took me into the back bedroom of the party and did her thing. The only problem was, she kept passing-out on me. Damn her!.

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