Wild Party Girl Exposes A Nipple While Being Carried

Time & Date: November 15, 2005 @ 11:50 pm

I can see how this slip of the nipple could happen. Expecially if the girl’s tits are a decent size and completely natural, and her blouse is as loose as this girl’s. Her tits would just flatten-out and just fall back, towards her neck and slip out the side. That would also mean she would be nice an jiggly in the sack too. ;)

I’m sure this drunk, party girl has no idea her boob is slipping out the side of her top either. And the poor guy carrying her doesn’t even look like he can see the nipple action. He better hope it was one of his buddies that took this photo and not one of her girlfriends, or he will never get to see what he missed.

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