Celebrity Nipple Slip - Nicole Eggert

Time & Date: November 18, 2005 @ 12:22 am

I’ve always loved Nicole Eggert. I fell for her when ‘Chachi In Charge’ first started airing and I haven’t stopped yet. She’s another one like, Alyssa Milano. I was around their same age, and grew up with them as they became hotter and hotter. Nicole can also take crefit for being one of the original ‘Baywatch’ babes. She was on ‘Baywatch’ as the ‘Summer’ character even before Pam Anderson was. So, Nicole Eggert is one of the original hooties of our time.

I haven’t heard of Nicole doing anything most recently. The last thing I remember seeing her in, is a movie called, Blown Away with ‘The Corey’s” (Haim & Feldman). She did a pretty hot sex scene in that flick too, from what I remember. Lots of nudie scenes with her. If you think she’s hot in these photos wait till you see her in that movie.

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