Gorgeous Party Girl’s Blouse Slips Exposing Her Boob

Time & Date: November 18, 2005 @ 5:38 pm

Wow! A gorgeous party girl in a loose, skimpy cocktail dress. Now that’s some sweet eye-candy! I love it when I see chicks dressed like this, and I like it even better when it’s slipping off their hot, little bodies, exposing their boobs in public.

I used to date this club girl who dressed like this all the time, and she never wore anything under it. No bra, no panties, nothing. She was completely naked under that skimpy dress and it totally turned me on. I would love copping feels under her dress while standing at the bar. Sometimes me would sneak-off into a dark corner of the night club and I would take things a little further. Let’s just say it made for easy access.

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One Response to “Gorgeous Party Girl’s Blouse Slips Exposing Her Boob”

  1. Norm Said:

    Wow! I love her boob! Don’t you just love it when girls slip out of their dresses like this and don’t even know? I love her!

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