Wild Babe Slips a Nip Dancing Sexy at a Night Club

Time & Date: December 1, 2005 @ 5:23 am

Getting a girl to dance with you at a club is always a good excuse for some cheap thrills. You can always get away with feeling her up and grinding into her. Well, maybe not always. You might get slapped across the face if you try that with the wrong girl. But still, dancing is an opportunity to get as close to her as possible without actually removing your clothes. Rub up onto a girl standing at the bar, you might have problems. Rub up onto a girl on the dance floor, and she might just rub you back.

This guy in the photo, looks like he was all over this wild club chick, and not shy about groping her in front of the camera either. I believe his ‘busy hand’ was trying to get a little tit action, and he accidentally is pulling down her top. It’s a pretty nice nip slip too. Her facial expression looks like she might’ve noticed her nipple peeking out, right when the camera snapped their photo.

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One Response to “Wild Babe Slips a Nip Dancing Sexy at a Night Club”

  1. Norm Said:

    He certainly has a good grip on her left breast, the lucky git!

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