Celebrity Nipple Slip - Beyonce Knowles

Time & Date: December 3, 2005 @ 12:56 am

In my opinion, Beyonce Knowles is one of the finest black women I’ve ever seen. When I hear someone mention “thick’ women, I immediately picture Beyonce. Oh no, she’s not fat by any means, she’s far from it. She’s just a thick girl with all the right curves. I guess, she has some talent too, but I’m talking about what’s important.

This is Beyonce and maybe someone from Destiny’s Child. I have no idea what the other chicks in Destiny’s Child looks like, so I’m just guessing. It looks like this is on some daytime talkshow, like ‘The View’ or something. I thought the FCC doesn’t like boobs?

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  3. JASON Said:

    Just wanted to say I have seen alot of show’s and picture’s of Beyonce . She has to be one of the best looking Females on the planet.Cmon you guy’s and girl’s out there know she has a rockin body this pic just support’s that. Very sexy and what a smile…

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