Wasted Rocker Chick Flashes Her Little Nipple In Public

Time & Date: December 3, 2005 @ 3:31 am

She would be pretty cute, I bet, if she wasn’t sportin’ that drunken sneer on her face. Since she’s contributing to public nudity, we’ll let the sneer slide. Of course, she IS a female and she IS drunk, so it’s starting to matter less what her face looks like. Now, I just need to down a few and she’ll be looking really good in no time.

I really dig smaller tits on most girls. Of course, some also look great with big titties too, but it’s the tiny tits I like. This girl I would have to say has no tits at all. Besides her erect nipple, I don’t even see a lump on her chest where her tits should be. Who really cares, though. She still possesses the equipment that really counts, plus I could suck on those nips all night.

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