Party Girl Snaps a Downblouse Shot of Her Friend

Time & Date: December 6, 2005 @ 5:38 pm

Another girl taking a photo of herself and her friend, that results in a nice downblouse, nip slip. I just wish we had a better view of that nipple. It looks like she would have some nice nipples (and tits) too.

I’m not sure what these party girls are up to in this photo. It kind of looks like they’re doing some sexy dancing with eachother. Usually a pretty good sign that there’s some alcohol involved. I don’t think girls do that with eachother when they’re sober. Maybe it’s like pillow fighting. We all know that when girls get together they get into their sexy little nighties and have pillow fights with eachother. Maybe dirty dancing with eachother is the pillow fighting of this millennium.

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