Celebrity Nipple Slip - Alicia Silverstone

Time & Date: December 11, 2005 @ 3:40 pm

I think, like most of us, that I first noticed Alicia Silverstone when she was the psycho-stalker and obsessed-with-an-older-man, gifted young rich girl, in “The Crush”. I knew she was going to turn out to be a hottie when she blossomed. When her break-thru role as Cher, in “Clueless” came out, she proved to be just that…a real hottie. Oh yeah, that role gave her some acting credibility too.

I can’t really think of anything worth mentioning, that Alicia Silverstone has done most recently. The last movie I can remember her being in that was at least somewhat entertaining was, “Blast From The Past”. So, is Alicia’s acting career dead? It appears that way. Most of the actors that were virtually unknown in “Clueless” have passed her by, like, Brittny Murphy, Brecken Meyer, etc., etc. If you’re looking for an interesting flick where she plays the opposite of what she did in, “The Crush”, then check out “The Babysitter” if you haven’t already. It’s not bad.

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