Drunk Girl Exposed and Being Felt-Up in a Night Club

Time & Date: December 24, 2005 @ 2:28 am

I can’t seem to figure out if this wasted club girl’s top slipped down, exposing both of her bare tits, accidentally. The guy just saw his opportunity and took it. Or maybe, this horny dude came up behind her and yanked down her top and started feeling her up. A stealth-move of sorts, where you can skip all the getting-to-know-you bullshit, and just go for what you’re really after. Or perhaps, she’s very horny and needed some sexual healing immediately, blocked out the people and public, and asked this dude to get to work on her tiny boobies right away.

Since her blouse is down, instead of the usual lifting their shirt to flash their tits, I’m going to guess it’s somehow accidental. She also looks a bit surprised that her tits are suddenly getting an unexpected cool breeze of fresh air, and warm hands are cupping her cute, little breasteses.

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