Even Santa Clause Loves a Good Public Nipple Slip

Time & Date: December 27, 2005 @ 6:49 am

Ok, so I was originally going to post this on Christmas Eve, but I procrastinated on my my shopping and I figured I better get a move-on before it’s too late. So, 3 days later I finally get to it. A little late, but it’s still the ‘holidays’, so Santa is still in the mix.

It looks like this party girl lost her strap over her shoulder, resulting in a very nice titty/nipple slip. It looks like she’s in lingerie already, so she was already dressing provactive. When I first saw this photo, I got this image in my head of what Santa does after he delivers all them toys in a 24 hour period. I figure, he’s a man and he probably does what men do after a long-ass, hard day of work. We hit the titty bar for a few beers and some T & A before we go home to the wife, girlfriend, or whatever. Why wouldn’t Santa do the same thing? He probably gets all FREE lap dances, not to mention that everyone wants to sit on his lap anyway, and when it’s beautiful, naked women they can just talk about the first thing that comes ‘up’.

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