Drunk Club Girl’s Boobies Slipping Out in Public

Time & Date: December 29, 2005 @ 10:04 am

Damn! It looks like either someone warned trhis drunk club girl, or she just noticed that her nice and natural boobies are slipping out of her blouse. Could they have at least waited until someone snapped a photo of her nipples and boobs slipping out first, before covering them beauties back up?

One thing I like about this club hottie is that she doesn’t look like she would be the type to flash her tits once she gets a few cocktails in her. So, when you see a good-girl like that, slipping her nipples or titty, it’s extra special. It’s just unfortunate that I don’t have a clearer photo for you. I cleaned it up as best as I could. I swear.

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One Response to “Drunk Club Girl’s Boobies Slipping Out in Public”

  1. Norm Said:

    The “good girls” who don’t mean to show anything are the sexiest when they get caught out!

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