Drunk and Wild Coed Topless at a Frat Party

Time & Date: January 6, 2006 @ 6:38 pm

I know there’s no visible nipples in this photo, but I couldn’t resist posting a drunk and topless college coed with stickers over her tiny tits that read, “Me Drunk”. Actually, it kind of looks like there’s more to the first word, but her hair is covering it, so now it just says, “Me Drunk”.Which I’m sure is much better than whatever it really says.

This petite coed is pretty damn cute too. She looks like she would a be real wild one in the sack. Usually, is they’re wild on a semi-daily basis, they will probably be that way when she’s riding your unit. I’m guessing that since she’s topless and shitfaced at this wild frat party, that one (or possibly more) of those frat boys found out just how wild she really is.

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One Response to “Drunk and Wild Coed Topless at a Frat Party”

  1. eevilee Said:

    It says “fuck-me drunk”

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