Celebrity Nipple Slip - Sophie Marceau

Time & Date: January 9, 2006 @ 7:07 pm

Sophie Marceau is a gorgeous french actress, for those of you who have never heard of her. Sophie has also starred in several American movies, most notably as Princess Isabelle in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart”. I also remember her starring as the female lead in some stupid-ass David Spade flick called, “Lost & Found”. She was the only REAL reason you could sit through that movie. I believe she was also a Bond Girl at one time, as well.

She usually does french films, so I have no idea what kind of career she has in France, but here she’s pretty much just there for eye-candy in most American movies. That’s fine by me, because Sophie Marceau is very easy on the eyes, and when she lets her full titty hang out in public, it makes her all the more special.. Plus, Sophie is no stranger nipple/titty slips. She’s been caught with her boob blowing in the breeze before.

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3 Responses to “Celebrity Nipple Slip - Sophie Marceau”

  1. Norm Said:

    She’s gorgeous, especially with her boob hanging out. I would love to see the expression on her face when she notices - presumably she would have enough class to look at least mildly embarrassed?

  2. Administrator Said:

    I’ve seen the video of this same slip (sorry, I don’t have it) and she is very embarrassed of this nip slip.

  3. Norm Said:

    Found it - a simple Yahoo video search showed about 10 different versions of it … and all very nice! Thanks.

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