Club Girl’s Nipple Slips While Sippping a Cocktail

Time & Date: January 19, 2006 @ 1:49 am

A cute, well-tanned girl, sipping her girly cocktail with her blouse open and no bra. Yep, it seems like a perfect opportunity for a nipple to slip out of there to me! Now if she were to just stand up and start shimmying her titties, we would be in business.

A girl doesn’t go out, hoping not to show any skin, when she let’s her boobies bounce freely behind a sheer, open top. She might have not wanted to show off this much, but she definitely wants someone to take notice of her busty chest! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. It got my attention, and I’m sure it got a lot of other drunk dudes’ attention, as well.

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