Celebrity Nipple Slip - Angela Lindvall

Time & Date: January 23, 2006 @ 11:46 pm

Super-sexy supermodel/actress, Angela Lindvall, slips her nipple/areola at the primere for the movie, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. I know the movie, but I honestly have never heard of Angela until I came across this nip slip photo of her, where I had to dig up some info on her to find out who she is.

Angela Lindvall is a smalltown, Mid-Western girl who grew up to be a supermodel. A dream, without a glimmer of hope for a lot of smalltown girls, I’m sure. She has also taken up some acting these past few years. Of course, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, with Val Kilmer and Hollywood party animal, Robert Downey Jr., and if you have ever seen the very cool indie-flick, “CQ”, she stars in that too. If you like 1950s/60s sci-fi films, you’ll love this one. She plays the the ultra-beautiful, sex symbol lead actress to Jeremy Davies’ character of a movie director’s sci-fi flick, and also she stars in his wildest dreams. Hopefully, we will see more of her in up-coming roles, as well as in the magazines.

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