Drunk Coed Pulls Her Pants Down in Public

Time & Date: January 24, 2006 @ 4:07 am

Very nice! You see lots of photos of drunk girls grabbing or licking her girlfriend’s boob for the pose. You rarely see a girl pulling down her pants while her cute girlfriend is grabbing her hot, little, scrum-diddly-umptious ass for a drunken pose. I’m having a hard time which type of photo I like better; the tits or ass shots? Too tough of a choice.

It appears that the drunk girl, with the tiny, pink bows on her thong panites, is ‘mooning’ the photographer for whatever reason, and her girlfriend dropped to her knees and grabbed her ass, for the photo-opp. Drunk sluts everywhere are licking eachother’s tits and grasping eachother’s bare ass, and I propose that they shuold start fingering eachother for the camera, now. Eventually, we can work our way up to chicks stripping off all their clothes and dropping into a sixty-nine lesbo lick fest, just for a drunken pose and for all of us to drool over. Sometimes it’s just great to be alive! :D

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