Erect Nipple Slip on Drunk Spring Break Girl

Time & Date: January 26, 2006 @ 8:59 pm

I know most of the girls at events such as this eventually go topless at one point or another. What would be the point of going to spring break and college boat parties, like Lake Havasu, and others around the US and maybe even the world. Sure there will be drunk girls in bikinis, but you can get that at most beaches. It’s the fact that drunk girls get so horny and uninhibited. They start exposing themselves, getting frisky and sometimes even live sex shows.

I like it better that this girl still has her bikini top on, but her erect nipple is just poking it’s head out the side. She has a wasted look about her and she’s wearing a lot of beads, so I’m assuming she was probably flashing her tit by pulling her top to the side. She’s just too shit-faced to realize she didn’t cover her boob up enough. :D

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