Drunk Coed’s Top Slips Off During a Keg Stand

Time & Date: January 27, 2006 @ 11:24 pm

I have always been more of a beer-bong type of guy, rather than a keg-stand type of guy. I can’t knock it though, because I’ve never tried it. My thoughts on it are that I don’t like to work too hard to ingest my alcohol. I have run into this scenario a few times, though. Some drunk coed cutie wants to be one of the boys and do a keg stand, only to have their skimpy top slip off, or their enormous tits pop right out. It’s a beautiful thing.

Evidently, this college party girl doesn’t mind that her tiny, little titties are exposed, because her cute friend had enough time to jump under her to line her tongue up with the keg stand girl’s erect nipples. I figure it’s either that, or that beer is far too important to get down, and she’ll cover her tits back up later. I think this titty slip was inevitable, because she doesn’t have much ‘titty’ to keep that top on.

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