Celebrity Nipple Slip - Rachel McAdams

Time & Date: February 5, 2006 @ 2:13 pm

My new favorite actress is Rachel McAdams. I have no idea if she’s any talented at acting, but one thing I do know, she’s very easy on the eyes. That’s why I was very excited when I came across these somewhat nipple slip photos of her, from “The Family Stone” premier. She must’ve done her make-up differently or something, because I would have never guessed these pictures were the Rachel McAdams I know and love.

I never even heard of Rachel McAdams until I fell in love with the lead actress in “Wedding Crashers”, which of course, was Rachel. The I realize she was the ‘queen bee’ hottie in, “Mean Girls”, and also in that dumb Rob Schneider flick, “Hot Chick”. She’s now becoming a fairly well-known actress, starting to star with Hollywood’s A-list. So, I’m sure we will see a lot more of Rachel McAdams in the future.

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