Drunk Party Girl Slips a Nip While Dancing

Time & Date: February 6, 2006 @ 3:39 pm

It looks like this group of drunkards are doing the “bunny hop”. A song frequently played at weddings. I thought maybe this was a wedding at first, because of the background, but these people are dressed far too casual for a wedding. They ARE acting like they’re at a wedding though; all goofy and doing stupid things you normally wouldn’t even think about doing.

Luckly for us, the drunk girl, in front of the line, is bunny-hopping so much that her bare boob bounced right out of her top, exposing almost her whole tit and definitely a nipple. God bless the photographer that caught her nip slip about a half-second before she did, because it appears she’s noticed her boob/nipple exposed and is attemtping to quickly conceal it before anyone else sees. Too late, sweetie. We caught ya!

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