Naked Night Club Girl in the DJ Booth

Time & Date: February 6, 2006 @ 10:40 pm

I always knew that DJs got a lot of action from the ladies, but this ridiculous! Well, not really. It actually pretty hot to have a sexy naked women standing by your side as you perform. I used to perform in a rock band, but I never had naked girl at my side. After the show, the ‘naked ladies’ situation was a different story. ;)

I can’t seem to figure out what a naked club girl is doing in the DJ booth. It’s not a strip club and everyone else around her is full dressed and minding their own business. Amazingly, not even the DJs are paying any attention to her. She’s just hanging out, completely nude, except for her high-heels, and snapping her fingers to the beat. Maybe she’s sucking off the DJs and they had to take a quick time-out to change the record. She’s just waiting for them to finish so she can get back to the business of sucking. I think I’ll take a number and get in line.

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