Drunk Party Babe Slips a Nipple in the Bar

Time & Date: February 10, 2006 @ 3:14 pm

Older chicks can be ‘party girls’ too. In my late-teens/early-20s I nailed quite a few older drunk babes. They were usually divorced, single mothers that took a night off from it all, to hang out, get drunk and party with her other single girlfriends. They’re almost always out for young meat that has the libido and stanima to go all night long, because come monday morning she will be back in her normal, everday, mom routine. I gotta say, the older they are, the more sexually experienced they are and that usually means that they know what it takes to completely satisfy some young stud.

I don’t know what this drunk chick is all fired-up about, but she’s got her friend excited enough to be juggling her boobs. She’s juggling them so much that her boobs are being pushed up and her nipples begin to slip right out of her top. Now, I would like to see that blonde hottie in the lower-left corner, get up and start sucking on the older chicks nipples, then just let the rest happen naturally.

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